Hotel Stallbacken Nagu

Hotel Stallbacken Nagu

Hotel Stallbacken Nagu

Hotel Stallbacken Nagu

Hotel Stallbacken Nagu

Hotel Stallbacken Nagu


We, at Hotel Stallbacken, can proudly offer you individual accommodation, conference facilities, celebration dinners, Wedding receptions and party services. For couples who like to spend a romantic weekend together, including flowers on the room and a romantic candle light dinner in our stylish restaurant. Our hotel is located in the island of Nagu, in Turku archipelago. Please send a request, e-mail to or call us.

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Refurbished old buildings next to our fantastic nature lead to calmness and tranquility.


Conference in the archipelago. Hotel Stallbacken’s enchanting surroundings are something very special.


The historical Restaurant Stallbacken Nagu, which is on the first floor of Hotel Stallbacken.


We offer both private and group accommodation in a fascinating archipelago environment.


The most sunny and intrieguing Nagu is a excellent Outdoor archipelago location in Turku archipelago.
At Hotel Stallbacken, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful peaceful Nagu nature or take one of our interesting outdoor sightseeing trips around the island of Nagu and nearby. The host and hostess are happy to discuss and plan your outdoor program with you at the reception or after Breakfast. A guide is also available when needed. Trips can be done by foot, bicycle, canoe, kayak, car, bus or by boat.


You find us by driving Turku-Helsinki motorway and about 5 km from Turku you turn to destination Korpo. Then you just follow the archipelago Ringroad( 180) until you reach Högsar junction. Which is 3 km from Nagu village destination Korpo. Drive 800 meters destination Högsar. Then remember to drive through the beautiful old Oak Alley which my Grandmother Ingeborg planted in the beginning of 1900 century. Grännäs Homestead however, does not belong to us!!
After the Oak Alley you turn to the left and continue 150 meters along Grännäsvägen, which is our adress. The reception is on the other side of the old stone barn, which you will find on your left hand side. Please call us if you cannot find us.


At Stallbacken we also offer you different activities as well as we rentals. We rent bicykles, e-bikes, canoes, kayaks( single and double incl. equippemnt) and a traditional private sauna session with or without a warm outdoor bath tube on the sauna terrace. These services can be booked under the BOOK button at the same time as you book your room or Tentsile tree tent. You can also ask about these services in the reception in the morning or when you arrive.

The following activities are offered at Hotel Stallbacken. You can ask more about them in the SEND A REQUEST field at the end of the page.

Archipelago Island Safari

We leave at about 12 O’clock from our own beach and go with a 8 person open speed boat to a nearby beautiful Island. We walk the intrieguing nature trail on the Island and have a cup of coffee together. You can also bring your swimming suite and try to swim in the ocean. The tour will last 3-4 hours. We can also do a boat tour without stopping at the Island and then it will only take about 1 hour. The price depends a little on the amount of passengers.

Traditional Finnish sauna

We can also offer you a 60 minutes traditional private finnish sauna session. You can enjoy the sauna and cool down yourself, on our intrieguing evening sun sauna terrace, in between. If you are up to it, you can also combine your sauna session with a wonderful and warm 6 persons bath tube. Your session will then be 90 minutes. This is also bookable as ad-on in connection to your accommodation booking under the BOOK button on the top of the page.

Archipelago Wellness

In nagu we have several wellness services providers with whom we cooperate. You can ask more about the options and bookings in the SEND A REQUEST field down on the page. We offer different kind of healthy and pleasant massages, pedicure services, reiki and life-coaching with diplomated and experienced life-coach.


We are committed to operate in a sustainable way as follows:

  • Next to our main parking lot, we have a recessed mini refinery, which separates the greywater, so nothing else than clean water flows out to the nature
  • The former cowshed which was rebuilt to a hotel and restaurant in 2008, is heated with geothermal heat through water based floor heating
  • We purchase local products and services when it’s rational
  • We avoid disposable plastics in the rooms and in our kitchen
  • We sort the waste in our kitchen and we also wish that our guests would sort bottles and cans as well as waste food in the containers outside your rooms or in the kitchen of the Farm managers house. Bottles and cans can also be left on your table when you leave.
  • Combustible waste containers are also placed outside behind the reception and the beach house
  • Ashtrays are also placed outside all the entrances
  • We only got non-smoking rooms and it’s not possible to bring pets in the rooms
  • Finally we hope that you would use only the needed amount of water in the shower and that that you would use the sign “please make up my room” when needed